In the early 1920's logs being taken from the school by bullock team to the railway station. At weekends Mr Kelly grazed his bullocks in Scott's paddock.     .
Getting a ride as far as the Newstead Creamery by horse and cart with my father and then walking on to school.    Stan Hogan
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CWI drama group Newstead

Henry Reynolds was a pioneer of the dairy industry in the Waikato. A former manager of the Woodlands Estate he purchased 1600 acres of land in 1886 which became the Newstead Estate.
He established the first creamery in the area on the Newstead Estate in 1890. He also had a creamery at Pukerimu at which he founded "Anchor Brand" butter. This now world reknowned brand was named after an anchor tattooed on Henry Reynolds' arm.

Captain Runciman
captain Runciman

James Runciman was born in Scotland in 1829 and emigrated to New Zealand with his parents, arriving in the ship "Nimrod" in 1839.
The family settled in the Whangarei district but, in 1845 they were driven out by Maoris and took up a run of 2000 acres at Drury.