On the Northern end of Grahams block, bounding on the River and Leslies Gully, was the farm, bought by Mrs Banvell and her sons. Charles and J. Henry. On the Eastern side the boundary was the gully running parallel with the main road until it bounded on Aberdeen.
Barwell's land had been laid out in orchard, the land deemed to be suitable for fruit, being of clay formation.
A cider plant was purchased which was later bought by Mr Barugh of "Wartle". Little use was made of the machine.

Left England in the Joseph Fletcher, Sunday 29th November, 1857 from Plymouth, arriving in Auckland 19th March 1858 - 111 days. The family consisted of John Martyn Senior, his wife Mary from Camelford, Cornwell, England, Ellen who became Mrs Joe Wilson of Wilson and Horton, Ada who became Mrs James Hume, Bank of New Zealand, Hamilton, John and William.

S.S. GRAHAM:     Who was in the chair at the first Cambridge Road Board meeting on 18th July 1879.

W.A. GRAHAM:     His brother, was elected Mayor of Hamilton in 1884, member of the Provinvial Council in 1873.

JOSEPH BARUGH:    Who was co-founder with the late H.S. HAWKINS of F.A.C., now Allied Farmers, and the Auckland Farmers Freezing Company. He was from 'Wartle".

R.F. BOLLARD:     Minister of Internal Affairs in the Coate's Government, lay reader and church warden of the local kirk.

The Late Captain Steele
The Late Captain Steele