Fernleigh Downs Homestead, built 1910
Fernleigh Downs Homestead, built 1910. E. P.

Debating Society
In 1913, on the 5th May, a public meeting in the hall decided to form a Literary and Debating Society. The annual subscription was fixed at two shillings for gents, ladies free. Mr William Ferris was elected President, A. Tickelpenny, Secretary, and E. Tickelpenny, Treasurer.
The first debate was "Should bachelors be taxed?". The majority spoke in the negative.
After six meetings the Society was disbanded owing to lack of support.

"He kai kei aku ringa".
There is abundance with my hands.
One can gain a living by means of hard work.
(Reed's Maori Proverbs).

"He panehe toki, ka tu te tangitangi kai".
A little stone adze will fell large trees. Ultimately the cleared land will produce quantities of food.
(Reed's Maori Proverbs).
Scotsman's Valley was earlier known as Whyte's Valley after J. B. Whyte who bought 7163 acres for One pound per acre in October 1876.  This land was in Scotsman's Valley and the Tahuroa Road area, being part Tahuroa number one plus Tahuroa 3 and 4 blocks.