Sited on this corner was the Puketaha Creamery, a two storied wooden structure.
Milk was taken to the creamery once a day on a two-horse-drawn wagon. Each cart was
was driven under the verandah type part of the building. Chains were lowered to attach to
the 20 gallon milk can handles, that were then hauled up to the top floor where the
separating was done.
The farmer would then drive around to the back of the creamery to collect their ration of
skim milk used to feed their calves and pigs. Farmers often had to wait in a queue to

Puketaha Primary School

corner Sainsbury and Puketaha Road

The Breakup of the Woodlands Estate

Regardless of their hard work and enterprise, the big landowners faced bankruptcy by the 1890s. Their huge loans, the cost of development, coupled with low returns for their produce, saw the Bank of New Zealand foreclose on hundreds of thousands of acres of agricultural land which lay in various stages of development. By 1898 an amendment to the Lands for Settlement Act had been passed to break up the large estates of the Waikato into smaller blocks.