The Marsh Meadows property was bought from Capt. Runciman by the Scott brothers, John and James, in 1898. Sheep and cattle were farmed on the property.
In the 1920's Tuck and Watkins set up a sawmill near where Mr and Mrs Ron Scott's house is now. Trees were felled back in the plantation and hauled to a steam powered winch by a bullock team. At the weekends the bullocks would be set free to graze on the roadside. On Monday morning they would have to be located and rounded up, sometimes from as far away as Woodside Road at Matangi.
In the 1930's Hornes operated a sawmill back in a plantation, later moving up to near where Tuck and Watkins mill had been. 
At the end of World War II the Government took-over 1200 acres of the property for returned soldiers' farms.

Newstead School (Marsh Meadows), Centennial 1890-1990