S.S. GRAHAM:     Who was in the chair at the first Cambridge Road Board meeting on 18th July 1879.

W.A. GRAHAM:     His brother, was elected Mayor of Hamilton in 1884, member of the Provinvial Council in 1873.

JOSEPH BARUGH:    Who was co-founder with the late H.S. HAWKINS of F.A.C., now Allied Farmers, and the Auckland Farmers Freezing Company. He was from 'Wartle".

R.F. BOLLARD:     Minister of Internal Affairs in the Coate's Government, lay reader and church warden of the local kirk.

SIR STANLEY GOOSMAN:     Waikato representative on the Main Roads Board, Minister of Transport in the Holland Cabinet. Sir Stanley lived three or four years at Tamahere and then farmed at Waitoa.    He represented Waikato electorate over a period of years,

HONORABLE LEE MARTIN:    Chairman of the Tamahere Road Board, and Minister of Agriculture in the Savage Go'vernment. Also represented Waikato electorate over a period of years.

WILLIAM NEWELL:    Cambridge Road Board Chairman and Riding Representative for the Waikato County. Chairman Tamahere School Committee 14 years.

GIBB WATT:     Also Cambridge Chairman in his time, and represented the Cambridge Riding on the Waikato County.

CORNELIUS DAY:    (From an old Waikato Times) "In May there was a report of Mr C. Day's bacon factory at Pencarrow erecting new curing rooms. They expected to slaughter 700 pigs that season. There was also a new dairy with an Alexandra separator with a capacity of 100 gallons per hour. There was a box churn    and a butter worker, all driven by a vertical steam engine.

JOHN McNICOL:    (From an old Waikato Times) records the death of John McNicol at the age of 36, causing wide spread regret. He was one of the founders of McNicol and Company, which became the F.A.C. a leading firm in Waikato. One of his sales at Ohaupo created a record in the number of sheep sold in one day - Ohaupo was the leading market in the late 1800's. John married Eliza Young of Papatoetoe, a sister of Mrs W. Martyn - both were widowed with young families. Lochiel at Ohaupo was farmed by John, in conjunction with his auctioneering activities - farm was sold to W. Taylor.

J. MARTYN SENIOR:        Another well known-personality was Mr John Martyn Senior of Torview, Hautapu, who died at age 89, pioneer farmer from Ramararna, he carne to reside in Waikato. His two sons, John and William had preceded him in the occupation of Pencarrow Estate.


PICKERING:    Of "Fernando", now farmed by Tom, son of Tim, grandson of Kate Barugh and Martin Pickering, and great grandson of Joseph Johnson Barugh, "Wartle"; also grandson of E. Souter, earliest merchant of Ohaupo and Cambridge. (W. Souter and Company.) 100th celebration 1881.

BERN:     Walter, son of Joseph. on Bruntwood Road.

McMILLAN:     Allan, now deceased. Daughter Mrs Holmes on the farm. 

BUTLER:    J.J. Butler, son of Joseph, grandson of Mrs Martin Butler (Morgan), great grandson of W.B. Morgan and great grand-nephew of Thomas Morgan, whose farm he now occupies - this farm celebrated its 100th year of same family occupation in 1970. (Now sold 1986).

MAIN:    Alfred and Wallace (the latter now living at Katikati) Sons of Alfred and Minnie Steele, grandsons of Ambrose Main and Samuel Steele Rukuhia. Hundreth celebration 1980.


THORPE:    Kenneth, son of Fredrick and and Kate (Discombe), and grandson of George.

NEWELL:    Mrs Ada Hodgson, daughter of William Newell, sons - William and Robert Hodgson; nephew John Powell - grandsons of W. Newell.

Hooker:    Aubrey, grandson of James Hooker, who bought Clarks.................

Tamahere 1868-1940, By Alfred Main